Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week One

    • Intro to Spirituality Healing Your Inner Child

    • Workbook 1 of 3: Healing Your Inner Child Workbook

  • 2

    Week Two

    • How To Channel Your Ancestors

    • Adoption, Channeling and This Course

    • LIVE EVENT: Honoring Your Ancestors Ceremony

  • 3

    Week Three

    • Your Great-Grandparents and Your Inner Child

    • Your Great-Grandparents and Your Inner Child

  • 4

    Week Four

    • Your Grandparents and Your Inner Child

  • 5

    Week Five

    • Healing The Unfinished Business of Your Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

  • 6

    Week Six

    • Seeing the Truth of Your Parents Story (History/Herstory) and How It Impacted Your Inner Child

  • 7

    Week Seven

    • How Your Parents Inner Child Wounds Impacted Your Life: What To Do When You Never Got What You Needed: How To Heal Without Needing Others to Change

  • 8

    Week Eight

    • Healing The Parent Relationship and The Cycle: What is Forgiveness really?

  • 9

    Week Nine

    • Your Life Story Through Your Inner Child’s Eyes: Getting to Know and Embracing Your Inner Child.

  • 10

    Week Ten

    • Working with Archangel Michael to Identify Where Healing Is Needed

  • 11

    Week Eleven

    • Bringing Spiritual Healing To Your Inner Child By Seeing Everything (your past, your ancestors past), All Through God’s Eyes: Putting Together Everything You’ve Learned

  • 12

    Week Twelve

    • Your Map Forward: Taking Action Steps and Mothering Your Inner Child In Your Everyday Life